How to Manifest Your Reality Using Daily Prayer

    Are you looking for ways to manifest your dreams into reality? If yes, then this daily prayer is exactly what you need. This daily prayer has helped millions of people around the globe to achieve their goals and live a life they always wanted.

    It is not only a powerful manifestation tool but also a great way to start each day with positive energy and good vibrations. The prayer includes specific mantras that will help you to attract money, love, health, happiness, success, abundance, prosperity, peace, harmony, joy, freedom, healing, protection, and much more.

    You can use it as an affirmation or meditation. While saying this prayer, focus on your feelings. Feelings have power! So, if you feel like something bad is going to happen, just stop yourself from saying those negative thoughts. Instead, focus on feeling happy and grateful for everything that happens in your life. This daily prayer will give you the strength to face any situation and overcome any obstacle.


    Daily Manifestation Prayer

    Universe, thank you so much, for giving me this opportunity to live a life full of love, joy, abundance, peace, freedom, and happiness.

    Thank you for guiding me every step of the way. I am grateful for each moment of my existence.

    I am thankful for the guidance of the highest truth that enters this room right now.

    I know that I am divinely guided, and I trust that everything happens for my highest good.

    Today, I choose to have fun, and feel good.

    Can You Manifest Through Praying?

    If you’ve ever prayed about something, chances are good that it happened. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, find love, or simply make money, there’s no doubt that prayer works.

    I know it sounds crazy because most people don’t think about prayer as something that actually works. But it does work. If you’re willing to ask for whatever it is that you desire, you’ll receive it.

    You simply must be actively listening for the answer. Sometimes the answer is not the exact answer you were expecting, but it is answered.

    How To Pray & Manifest Better

    The difference between thinking and knowing is the same as the difference between praying and manifesting. When you think about something, it goes into your subconscious mind; it becomes part of your brain. Then, you pray about it.

    If you are doing it correctly, you are aligning yourself with truth. And once you do that, you start getting things manifested.

    But there is another way to pray. You don’t just ask God to give you whatever you want. You ask Him to show you how to get what you want. You become a questioner and He becomes an answerer. You ask Him how to make money, how to lose weight, how to attract love, etc.

    You understand that the law of attraction works both ways. So, if you are attracting negative thoughts, it’s like you are sending out a signal to the Universe saying, “I am not happy here. I wish I had my old job back. I wish I didn’t have this problem.” Your body is receiving those signals and it responds accordingly.

    If you are praying to manifest positive things, you are aligning with truth. You are saying, “God, I know that I deserve good things. I know that I am worthy of having love in my life. I know that I deserve to have success. I know that I can succeed. Please help me to see it. Help me to feel it. Help me to believe it.”

    Then, you receive guidance on how to achieve your goals. If you are asking the wrong questions, you won’t receive the information you need. You might even be asking the wrong questions.

    Does God Respond To Prayers?

    God always responds to prayers. If we are truly praying according to His will, He will answer our prayers. We don’t have to wait around for a miracle to happen; we just need to keep our eyes open and listen to our hearts. When we pray, we’re really talking to Him. And since He knows what we’re thinking, He hears every single one of those thoughts. So, yes, God does respond to prayers.

    Who Should You Pray To?

    There are many different names we use to describe our connection to the divine, such as God, Goddess, Mother Earth, The Universe, Source, The Most High, etc.

    While some people prefer one over another, the choice really isn’t about what name you choose; rather, it’s about how much you want to connect with the source of everything.

    The truth is, there are no rules when it come to prayer. Feel free to pray to whatever spirit guides you, however you like. Some people say prayers out loud while others whisper quietly into a pillow. Others write down their thoughts and feelings and put them away for later reflection.

    What Do I Do After I Have Said The Manifestation Prayer?

    After you say your manifestation prayer and feel like you are ready to manifest what you want in life, there is one thing left to do—relax. Just sit down and let go. You don’t have to worry about anything else because everything is taken care of. All you have to do is tune into your spirit and listen for guidance.

    Your intuition is intimately connected to God and will direct you to actions that benefit everyone associated. If you think you’re having trouble figuring out exactly what to do next, just follow your heart. What you desire most will come to pass.

    Your Manifestation Prayer Has Been Answered, Now What?

    After answering a manifestation prayer, many people feel like they have nothing else left to do. But there are still things you must do to keep the momentum going. Here are three things you should do after your prayer is answered:

    1) Thank God.

    2) Give thanks to all the other beings who helped you along the way.

    3) Keep moving forward. Don’t get stuck in the past or become complacent.