5 Steps To Manifest More Clients In Your Business

    What would happen if you had a magic wand and could instantly manifest clients into your life? Would you ever want to stop working? The answer is no. If you don’t believe me, then read on…

    The Law of Attraction states that whatever we give energy to grows in our lives. So when we focus on what we do not want, it only creates more of the same for us. When we focus on what we are looking for, we will find it much easier than trying to look for something that we do not desire.

    You can use this law to attract clients into your life and business. For example, if you’re a health coach, and you want to attract clients who are looking to improve their health, you can use the law of attraction to manifest those clients.

    If you’re not currently attracting the number of clients you desire in your business, it may be time to adjust your manifesting strategy. The good news is, with a little bit of effort and intention, you can begin to see results almost immediately. 


    Is Manifesting A Client Actually Possible?

    Yes, but you may be asking how does one manifest a client? Well, there are a few ways to manifest a client. You can either manifest a specific person or you can manifest an entire group of people.

    How Does The Law Of Attraction Attract More Clients?

    When you think about what you want, you attract exactly what you desire. If you focus on abundance, then you will receive more clients. If you focus on scarcity, then you will only attract those who need what you offer.

    So, when you think about how much money you want to earn, or how many clients you want to work with, you will be able to attract more clients.

    Here are five steps that will show you how to manifest clients into your business:

    1. Create Your “Avatar” Client

    Your avatar client is someone who represents all of your ideal clients. This person is the embodiment of everything you wish your ideal clients were like. They represent your best self, so they should also have the qualities that make you feel most confident and happy.

    Write down what you want from your ideal client. What type of money does their business make? How much can they afford to pay? What service or information are they specifically looking for? How will you communicate this information or services to them?

    What kind of personality traits do they possess? How old are they? Do they live in a certain city? Are they married? Have children?

    Once you have this list written down, it’s time to start creating your avatar!

    2. Be Clear On Why You Want To Attract These Clients

    The second step to manifesting is to figure out why you want to manifest the client. What do you stand to gain? What do you lose? How does it feel to acquire this client? Once you know how you feel about it, you can begin to manifest those things into your life.

    You can use the Emotional Guidance Scale to help you understand the emotional energy behind your desires.

    You must then ask yourself why you want to manifest this client. Do you want to help them? Do you want to make money? Do you want to help someone else? Or maybe you just want to see how good you look in a suit. Whatever it is, write down what you want to manifest.

    After writing down what you want to experience. Then take a few moments to meditate on it. Get quiet and clear your mind.

    3. Visualize Yourself Working With Your Clients

    The next step to manifesting clients involves visualizing yourself working with your clients—in addition to imagining how you’ll feel once you’re working with them. This is where we start to really put ourselves out there and imagine life beyond our current circumstances.

    Visualization is one of the most powerful ways to connect to your desires because it allows you to see something that doesn’t exist yet, but feels real. When you think about the ideal client you’d like to work with, ask yourself questions such as: What does he/she look like? How do they behave? What do they say? And finally, what do they wear? By answering these questions, you are putting yourself in the mind frame of your desired client.

    Once you’ve answered those questions, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Think about the positive feelings you associate with each question. For example, let’s say you’re envisioning a woman who looks like Jennifer Aniston. You might think about her smile, her laugh, her sense of humor, etc. Once you’ve thought about that person, open your eyes and write down everything you could possibly imagine about her. Do this over several days.

    When you’re done, go through your list and pick three items that represent the perfect client for you. These aren’t just random things; they represent the qualities you desire in your future client. Now, visualize yourself meeting your ideal client. Imagine him/her walking up to you and telling you about his/her problems. Then, tell your client that you’re here to help him/her solve those issues. Finally, thank your client for choosing you.

     As you practice, you’ll begin to notice changes in your mindset. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself wanting to meet your ideal client.

    4. Take Massive And Inspired Action

    When we talk about taking inspired action, it doesn’t mean just doing anything. In fact, there are certain steps that must be taken to ensure that our efforts are successful.

    The fourth step to manifesting clientele is to take inspired action – it’s a crucial part of the process. If we don’t do anything, nothing happens. And if we do something without taking inspired action, what good does it do us?

    We must move beyond simply thinking about our desires and start acting upon them. We must begin to feel the feelings of inspiration and excitement that come along with having what we want. Then we must act on those feelings.

    When we are in a state of inspired action, our actions seem to flow with great ease, creativity, and self-confidence. This is because we are tapping into our intuition, and our intuitive guidance system is always working to help us achieve our goals.

    So make the most of this moment by taking some big steps towards your desire. What might that look like? Well, it could mean starting a new project, writing down your ideal client description, calling up a friend you know with connections to a potential client, building your business website, and client outreach.

    5. Embrace Receiving New Opportunities

    The final step to manifesting your clients is to welcome new ones. When we’re focusing too much on what we want, it becomes difficult to see everything else that’s happening around us.

    We become attached to our desires and forget about the abundance that exists already. This is where the Law of Attraction really shines. By staying open to all the possibilities, you’ll never miss out on anything important.

    Take some time today to focus on being grateful for what you already have. Then go ahead and ask the Universe to bring you even more good things.