How to Manifest While You Sleep: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

    Do you want to know how to manifest while you sleep? It’s actually easier than you think! All you have to do is use the power of your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a powerful tool, and it can help you achieve your goals and dreams if you learn how to use it correctly. In this blog post, we will discuss how to use the power of your subconscious mind to manifest your desires while you sleep. We will also provide some tips on how to make the process easier and more effective. So don’t wait any longer – let’s get started!


    How To Train Your Subconscious Mind To Manifest While You Sleep

    There’s a natural progression from your waking awake conscious mind to your sleeping subconscious thoughts and feelings when you’re in bed at night.

    It’s your subconscious mind that has direct contact with the Infinite. Nevertheless, prior beliefs and conditioning—often negative conditioning and limiting beliefs—control and train your subconscious.

    So by programming your subconscious, it may now interact with the Infinite to bring forth what you truly desire rather than more of what you don’t want.

    To reprogram the subconscious mind, there are several methods. Prayer and meditation are quite effective. Affirmations can also be a very effective tool for programming your subconscious if you repeat what you want over and over again while focusing on it. However, possibly the most powerful and simple approach is during sleep.

    Step 1: Focus on what you want to manifest

    Your sleep manifestation works in this manner: as you lie down to go to sleep, think about, “What do I truly want?”

    It’s also more effective if you concentrate on one BIG thing at a time.

    So, if you want to achieve financial abundance in your life, concentrate on it.

    If love is a priority is what matters most to you at this time, focus on that.

    If the most essential thing is to align with your soul work and highest calling, concentrate on that. But while you’re in bed, focus expressly on what you’d want to materialize in your life.

    Step 2: What would your desires feel like?

    Allow your awareness to move from your head to your heart center. To bring that desire into the realm of the heart.

    Then ask, “How would I feel if this was completely materialized in the most excellent way? With the greatest beneficial outcome possible?” What would it feel like?”

    Then, let yourself feel that wonderful joyous expression, that wonder, at the power of existence that has co-created this amazing gift in your life!

    When you do this before going to sleep, not only are you consciously tuning in to that sensation, but you’re also tapping into your subconscious and reprogramming it with the language of feeling.

    Overnight as you sleep, your subconscious may engage with your guides, angels, the Infinite, or the Divine to align you with what you want.

    You’ve laid the groundwork for your subconscious mind to accept the language of feeling. This language is a doorway into the subconscious mind that you may utilize to your advantage between waking hours and sleeping. Remembering what you really want, or your greatest desire right now.

    Step 3: Feel as if you have manifested your desires!

    Feel how it would feel as though it had already arrived. Tune into it and then try to imagine how you’d feel if it occurred.

    Feel the thrill, wonder, enthusiasm, and love.

    Allow yourself to go all-in. You’re in a state of hypnagogia, or halfway between sleep and wakefulness. As a result, your imagination soars, and you may really concentrate on something like a dream where you are living out your real goals and wishes.

    Observing how you are, how your life will be.

    You will notice the overwhelming joy and awe as you experience these outstanding blessings.

    And, after that, as you focus on this in a calm manner and fall asleep, your subconscious may continue to work for you throughout the night, materializing this blessing into your life.

    And when you keep doing this, night after night, it truly works! 

    So give it a try tonight before you head to bed. The final step is to train yourself to think of things to be grateful for when you get up in the morning.

    Step 4: Wake up and be grateful!

    Gratitude that you are alive and well on Earth today. Another day to give additional blessings, divine light, and creative life force energy permission to align and flow through you. Additionally, be aware that you are actively contributing to the wonders, exciting possibilities, unexpected blessings, love, and joy in your life.

    Even if you just follow this basic technique while sleeping, it will begin to influence your life in a positive way because it will get your subconscious mind on board with what you truly desire.

    Because your mind has gotten connected to the reality of what you want, it gets easier and easier as the day goes on to stay mindfully focused on what you want.

    And the universe begins to work with you in order to bring forth your true desire, the greatest and best possibilities for what you can experience in life, through the power of feeling good now.

    Feeling is the key; give it a shot.

    If you’re looking for something easy, and if want to understand how your conscious and subconscious minds interact with each other and how these various parts of your mind play a part in manifesting, I highly suggest Neville Goddard’s book “Feeling Is the Secret.” He discusses this manifestation approach and a lot more.

    I love you, respect and appreciate you always.

    Now you have the secret of manifesting in your sleep, so go ahead and have a wonderful time!